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ネコは昔いっしょに過ごした飼い主の声を覚えているのか? - KAL KAN VOICE DELIVERY

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今は仙台で暮らす10歳のシニア猫・くうちゃん。そして、埼玉で暮らす元飼い主の大野さん。離れて暮らして約2年、くうちゃんは子猫の頃から一緒に過ごした大野さんの声を果たして覚えているでしょうか? 日本の飼い猫の平均寿命は、15.04歳(2016年調査)。また、高齢期とされる7歳以上の猫を飼っている家庭は全体の4割を超え、世界一の長寿国である日本は、ネコ長寿国でもあります。こうした事情を背景に、カルカンでは長寿を祝う「敬老の日」を記念して、「長年一緒に過ごしてきたことで培われた、シニア猫と飼い主の絆」をテーマに今回のムービーを制作しました。 Ku-chan, 10 years old senior cat, is now living in Sendai. His previous owner, Ono-san is currently living in Saitama. It’s been about two years since they had separated from each other. Does Ku-chan still recognize the voice of Ono-san who had spent his childhood with? The average lifespan of house cats in Japan is 15.04 years (According to the 2016 Survey). And more than 40% of cat owners in Japan live with senior cats aged over 7 years. Japan is said to have the longest life expectancy in the world, but human beings are not the only ones living longer in Japan. Cats’ life expectancy has also been increasing. For these reasons, Kal Kan made this film to celebrate longevity with the theme of “The bond cultivated between senior cats and their owners”.

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